The People of Bizzarro


Jodi-Paul Wooster

Born March 11th 1969 Jodi-Paul Wooster has lived a rich and varied life which includes the following highlights:

Jodi spent, without any formal training, 15 fruitful years on the Pro-Am Chiropodist tour and once held the Scholl Trophy for three years running, until he was stripped of his merits and officially banned after the fabled Verruca controversy in 1987.

Mr. Wooster upon a losing a bet climbed inside a cow and resided therein for 27 days. Trapped on a sand spit on the Dong Nai River for three months, Jodi composed an entire opera based on the life and times of Dr. Jonas Salk. Sadly, the opera written on dried kelp was lost to the elements after having been performed only once, to the tepid reviews of one sea gull.

Jodi is the Founder of 14/48: The World’s Quickest Theater Festival, a twice yearly theater endurance project that creates fourteen plays in forty-eight hours.

As a citizen of the performing arts world he’s been waiting tables since before he could walk, and truly believe in not giving the people what they want, but give them what they need.


Jaedra James

Jaedra James has had the pleasure of working on and off at Bizzarro for the past 12 years. She has been working for the last decade at Teartro ZinZanni as a Stage Manager and Company Manger in both Seattle and San Francisco. Being heavily involved in theater, she has of course spent most of her adult life working in restaurants. Good food, drink and Theatre are her passion.

Jaedra met Jodi-Paul at ENTROS (a crazy interactive game restaurant) back in 1996 and thought he was one of the funniest people she had ever met. They formed a strong friendship and ending up touring with both ENTROS and One World Theatre. Jaedra is excited and honored to be the newest owner of Bizzarro and looks forward to a long and prosperous future with Jodi-Paul.

Jaedra loves her mom.