What People Say About Bizzarro

Seattle Metropolitan Magazine 2008

“If it were a stock film, Bizzarro would be the quirky best friend with the zany personality and the novelty hair. And for these last 20-some years that’s exactly how most serious food people have regarded the giddily alternative Wallingford ristorante, home of the red stucco walls and flea market chandeliers and ceiling suspended furniture and gilt-framed everything. But a recent revisit revealed a more serious culinary enterprise than well remembered : excellent handmade parpadelle pasta in a gutsy Bolognese; Yukon Gold gnocchi in a moist, porky sugo di maiale, exotically cinnamoned; a lamb shank, famous across Wallingford, served in a figgy demi-glace atop a polenta cake and braised kale. The food was serious and intentional, most derived locally and delivered by the friendliest crew of pierced people in town. No wonder it’s so bloody hard to get a Saturday night table.”

The ambiance was perfect with a lot of things suspended from the ceiling and other things that reminded me of the Twilight zone....
Bizzarro is the best date restaurant I have found in all of Seattle.
FOREST FLOOR FRENZY! The forest floor fenzy they have is the best pasta dish I’ve ever had. Every time I go there with someone who hasn’t been there, I let them try a bite of mine and they are hooked. Great service, relaxed atmosphere, one of my favorite places.
Holy Crap!!!This place rocked! I was a little skeptical at first, not having heard much about this place, and the name seemed kinda un-sexy. Holy smokes was I in for a surprise.